Change the following sentence
into s. present verbake the she, it) ti-, !
1. dio (do) exercises every morning
2. driver (drive) that bus every friday
3. a cow (eat) grass in the yard
4. that dog (attack) me every morning
5. zia(cry because of cake every night
6. my uncle (catch) fish in the sea
7. mother wash my uniform every week
8. my teacher explain) that theory
9. the stranger () me every night
10 .beggar always (ask) money

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    1. does

    2. drives








    10. asks

    Penjelasan :

    subyek :I, you, we, they+ verb 1+objek . subyek Iyoutheywe kata kerja jangan dirubah tetap kata kerja pertamashe, he, it + verb1(s,es,ies)+objek. subyek she, he, it kata kerja selalu dirubah dan memakai s, es, ies.
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    (mungkin no.1 itu my mother wash my dress everyday karena routine adalah present tense)
    1. every day my dress is washed by my Mother
    2. yesterday my dress was washed by my Mother
    3. the letter will be posted by Nunik
    4. Al-Qur'an can be read by Siti
    5. a motorcycle was driven by Andika
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    The answer is : They (Father and Mother, mean : mereka)
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    They are very kind to me
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Change the following sentenceinto s. present verbake the she, it) ti-, ! 1. dio (do) exercises every...