Dewi has a new doll. The doll is ... , tolong di jawab ya kak

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      going to school
    my mother got me ready for school then i had to wait for her to brush my hair and place every strand
    in just the perfect position.
    i had to show her my shoes that i had cleaned the night before and my school bag had to be neatly put on my shoulder before i could
    get near the door. only after my mother was totally satisfied, would i be allowed to rush out of the frontdoor.
    i would leave home at 8 am on the dot and make my way down the lane. after a walk of about 700 metres i would be able to see the tall steeple of the
    the playground would be full in the summer and the noise would make me want to rush into the yard and get into a good game of football before the bell
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    percuma anjirr ngeshare link disini gk bisa dibuka. klo mau buang-buang poin jan kek gini jg

    setidaknya 1+1= berapa biar klo dijawab kagak dihapus.

    kan jd gk guna: (

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    jawaban: ni bahasa inggris peminatan atau wajib nihh


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      pray ,have a lot of fun, laugh of loud, study, oh i have a lot routine ; )
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Dewi has a new doll. The doll is ... , tolong di jawab ya kak...